The IRS no longer sends COVID-19 pandemic relief stimulus checks to Americans in 2022. Georgia protected citizens from stimulus check garnishment orders in 2020 and 2021, but was only able to in certain situations. The United States does not hold a federal system for safeguarding stimulus checks. Instead, each state abides by its laws.

Some people are still eligible for additional government stimulus funds after they file their 2021 taxes. While funds may not be the previous amount of $1,400, struggling families and Americans could still get some relief in 2022 after losing their job or disposable income to medical bills.

Do you think you may still receive stimulus money and have debt that is paid through wage garnishment in Georgia? Read on for important information regarding stimulus garnishment and the circumstances in which Georgia debt collectors can confiscate your stimulus earnings for withholding orders. Plus, get the legal support you need for past and future relief fund protection from stimulus check garnishment.


Georgia Stimulus Check Garnishments

Proven Court Order

Did you have a court order already in place pre-pandemic from delinquent debts in Georgia? A court order for check garnishment must have already been in place before the pandemic for your stimulus money to be garnished.

For example, student loans and credit card debt are considered private, as well as some medical bills. These debts can be taken from your pandemic stimulus checks from any private Georgia debt collector. In other words, government debts like child support and backed taxes cannot be taken from stimulus funds.

In layman’s terms, yes, Georgia does allow private lenders to retrieve stimulus checks from people with delinquent debt. Yet, this is only the case if a court order was already in place. How much you owe and how long you’ve had the debt are vital factors.

It is illegal for debt collectors to go to a bank and obtain money from anyone’s account without a court order in place. This is simply what it comes down to in Georgia: collectors need to have authorized documentation for stimulus check garnishment.

Up-to-Date on Debt Payments

Do you have debt(s) but have been paying them off on time every pay period from previous wage garnishment or otherwise? Then, in this case, you are looked at as in good standing and can fight private collectors from garnishing your stimulus check(s).

Get more information on garnishments here.


CMC Law Check Garnishment Support

Stimulus garnishment laws can be confusing and complex. Have you had check garnishment from stimulus checks or think you will have in the future? This can be especially overwhelming if you only make the federal minimum wage. Get the legal support you need now for check garnishment relating to stimulus money, or otherwise.

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