When you’re drowning in debt, it feels like you are constantly treading water to get to financial freedom. Filing for bankruptcy in Georgia doesn’t fit everyone’s debt relief journey. Although, with the most qualified and seasoned bankruptcy attorney Atlanta has, Charles M. Clapp, your fresh start can come sooner than you think.

Why Should I Hire an Attorney? I Can Represent Myself

As with other legal matters, why would you ever decide to go through the dreadful bankruptcy process alone when you can obtain the guidance of a licensed professional by your side? I would save so much money! you tell yourself. You wouldn’t; you would lose money and most likely, be unsuccessful in the filing.

Ed Flynn, a bankruptcy consultant at American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI), a non-profit, found some staggering statistics regarding Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 filings.

  • Chapter 7: Debtors who represented themselves were only successful 66.7% of the time. In contrast, debtors represented by a bankruptcy attorney were discharged 96.2% of the time.
  • Chapter 13: Debtors who represented themselves were only successful 2.3% of the time. Comparatively, debtors represented by a bankruptcy attorney were discharged 41.5% of the time (after the full completion of a repayment plan).

Imagine how lifesaving it is to have legal representation on your worst, most stressful days during the bankruptcy process. A lawyer will be your voice of reason in court, make sure you meet all required deadlines, set you up with credit counseling, collect all paperwork and documentation, meet with creditors, and more. For example, a lawyer knows exactly what information you need to disclose, so you don’t reveal more than is required. A bankruptcy attorney can:

  • Protect your home from going into foreclosure and your car from being repossessed.
  • End harassing phone calls from creditors or other organizations.
  • Stop wage garnishments and bank account charges.
  • Help you eliminate your debt(s).
  • Avoid more serious penalties such as being sued (or prevent any lawsuit for this matter).
  • Prepare you for court.
  • Go through the bankruptcy process much faster compared to by yourself.
  • Help you receive the best possible outcome.
  • Negotiate settlements and plea bargains.
  • Set you up for a future of financial success.

A Bankruptcy Attorney Atlanta is Proud Of

Out of Mr. Clapp’s many professional accomplishments, he is most proud of successfully helping clients get out of debt safely, fast, and comfortably. His law office specializes in Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 bankruptcy, as well as wage garnishment, although his practice areas extend much further. He has also worked with clients filing for small business bankruptcy.

The time is now to dig yourself out of the debt hole and turn things around for the better with CMC Law. Charles M. Clapp is awaiting your call and is honored to take on your case to help you get your life and finances back on track. Count on him to be by your side.

Every great lawyer offers free consultations. Contact CMC Law today online or call 404.585.0040 for a free bankruptcy consultation. CMC Law is excited to also offer virtual appointments.