Without question, the best way to have a successful bankruptcy in Atlanta is to choose a qualified and experienced bankruptcy lawyer. Of course, you can file for bankruptcy in Georgia and represent yourself, but any bankruptcy professional would advise against this.

Reasons to Hire Legal Counsel in a Bankruptcy Filing

  1. Get legal advice regarding if filing for bankruptcy in Atlanta is your best option.

Bankruptcy attorneys specialize in this field and can assuredly guide you through the process (only if it is best for you). Your best option is to meet with a bankruptcy lawyer to discuss other options such as fighting wage garnishment, home loan modifications, and debt consolidation. Any great lawyer will advise you regarding what property you might be able to keep, possible tax consequences, and whether you should continue making payments to creditors.

  1. A bankruptcy attorney has federal and local bankruptcy law expertise.

According to the U.S. court system, filing bankruptcy has “long-term financial and legal outcomes” and “takes careful preparation and understanding of legal issues.” Therefore, it is highly advisable to seek the services of a qualified attorney. It can help lessen the confusion and stress over bankruptcy filing, collecting documentation, court hearings, meetings with creditors, creating a debt repayment plan, and more.

With an attorney legal representing you, there will be no misunderstandings of the law or mistakes made throughout the entire process. Court employees and bankruptcy judges do not have the same expertise and are prohibited by law from offering legal advice. It is advised not to work with a lawyer who “specializes in every sector.”

Your attorney should also be familiar with the local laws of the Atlanta, Georgia court where your bankruptcy case will be filed. Procedures vary from locality to locality and in different states.

  1. Your bankruptcy lawyer is a member of vital legal associations.

Membership in the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys and the American Bankruptcy Institute is crucial. Specifically, for bankruptcy in Atlanta and all of Georgia, membership to the state bar and other local bankruptcy law organizations is key.

Other Important Qualities for a Bankruptcy in Atlanta Attorney

  1. Look at the number of bankruptcy cases the lawyer has successfully won.

Do not focus on how long a lawyer has been practicing, but on the number of bankruptcy cases completed. A veteran lawyer may be close to retirement, but still mastered his or her craft and have a large number of unhappy clients. Most importantly, don’t let price get in the way of hiring someone. Quality over quantity is a great rule of thumb for anything in life.

  1. Find an attorney you are comfortable with.

Find an attorney for your bankruptcy in Atlanta who is patient and empathetic to your particular situation. This lawyer will listen to you and analyze with you the specifics of your case to best understand your situation to represent you best. Any great bankruptcy attorney will offer personalized, objective service for your case.

Tackle Bankruptcy in Atlanta with the Best Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyer

The bankruptcy process can be complicated and overwhelming to navigate. Hire a bankruptcy attorney with expertise in your local bankruptcy law and who has a history of successful cases and satisfied clients.

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