About Our Atlanta Bankruptcy Law Firm

CMC Law is a comprehensive Atlanta bankruptcy law firm focused on complex bankruptcy and consumer defense. Our practice is devoted to helping individuals and families navigate the confusing territory of bankruptcyforeclosure, creditor harassment, repossession, and consumer fraud. We make every effort to help our clients understand the law that applies to their particular situation and what alternatives are available. Our objective is to help our clients make informed decisions about their options, and then enforce those decisions with smart, aggressive legal representation.

CMC Law’s goal is to provide first class customer service through direct attorney contact. At the same time, CMC Law is committed to aggressively protect and enforce the rights and interests of our clients, both through bankruptcy and litigation.

Your Atlanta Bankruptcy Attorney

Charles Clapp, founder of CMC Law, graduated from University of Missouri in 2002. He received a Governor’s Scholarship at Florida Coastal School of Law and obtained his law degree in 2005. Mr. Clapp’s career began as an Atlanta trial lawyer, protecting the rights of indigent clients. In 2008, he concentrated his practice on consumer bankruptcy, where he worked as lead attorney for one of Atlanta’s largest consumer bankruptcy firms. Over his career, Mr. Clapp has guided thousands through the stress of debt to a financial fresh start. He has helped people and families attain financial peace of mind not just through bankruptcy, but also through a successful trial practice, suing hundreds of creditors and banks.

Mr. Clapp is a frequent lecturer on the bankruptcy law circuit, actively attends bankruptcy seminars, and has trained many lawyers in consumer bankruptcy. He is also an experienced civil litigator who had been lead counsel in hundreds of lawsuits in Georgia state and federal courts, representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Mr. Clapp was lead attorney in several cases of first impression in the Northern District of Georgia.

CMC Law’s knowledge, experience, and success in consumer bankruptcy and litigation represents a lifelong dedication to helping people and families suffering in financial turmoil.

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About Our Atlanta Law Firm Philosophy

Debt causes stress and can be demoralizing and depressing. Our firm is deeply committed to helping people navigate the intricacies of complex bankruptcy. In turn, our clients live a stress-free, happy life. An honest, informed approach to legal representation is critical, and if bankruptcy is not right for you, we will discuss other potential alternatives, such as debt consolidation, counter-suit, and loan modification. We provide straightforward, no-nonsense advice so that you can reach your own decision on how best to proceed.


Charles is absolutely a brilliant attorney! He is a critical thinker and determined problem solver. He is very accessible, even via text. If he is in court, his ability to multi-task, you can feel safe and secure in knowing he is handling any issues or concerns. I entrust him with my future, he is a uniquely talented attorney who always challenges himself to achieve the absolute best outcome for his clients.



I was very satisfied with Mr. Clapp services. He is a man of his word and did everything he told me he would. I would highly recommend him.



I came to Mr. Clapp by referral with a complicated case involving both personal and business debts that were out of control. Mr. Clapp evaluated the situation and gave me options that I was not even aware of. He knows his stuff, executed flawlessly, and I have been able to start over. I highly recommend Charles Clapp if you have debt or bankruptcy issues. Listen to his advice, he knows his stuff. I consulted with several other bankruptcy attorneys prior to retaining Mr. Clapp, and they did not have the same breadth of knowledge that Mr. Clapp brought to my case.



I selected Charles Clapp to handle my bankruptcy based on his already positive reviews and I am glad that I did! He was very accommodating to my schedule and made my negative life experience positive. I was actually very surprised how easy he made the process. Life happens and it’s great to be represented by someone that understand that!!! Stop your attorney search with Charles Clapp!!!