Credit Counseling

All bankruptcy filers are required to participate in credit counseling before bankruptcy. In other words, prior to filing either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debtors should receive credit counselingfor . If you are thinking about filing bankruptcy in Atlanta, you may benefit from the credit counseling course.

How Does Credit Counseling Help Me Before I File Bankruptcy in Atlanta, Georgia?

Credit counseling for bankruptcy can be done through several agencies authorized by the bankruptcy court to administer the counseling. Most of my clients who consult with me at my Atlanta bankruptcy law firm use Credability and do the counseling online. There are options to do the credit counseling in person or on the phone as well.

The counseling focuses on three main issues: income, budget, and debt. When I conduct a bankruptcy consultation, I review the same issues with each potential client. Many people do not know exactly how much money they bring home each month and how much they are spending each month. Such information is key to not only determining the best type of bankruptcy for each person, but is also essential for one’s financial health, with or without bankruptcy.

Recently, I had a couple come to my office thinking that they should file Chapter 13 bankruptcy in order to repay overwhelming credit card debt. After going through their income and budget, we figured out that they really didn’t need bankruptcy to help them consolidate their debts. What they really needed to do was to sit down and budget. A lot of people who end up filing bankruptcy simply have a budgeting problem. After all, no one wants to sit down and think or talk about money, especially not with a spouse! Pre-bankruptcy credit counseling may force you to sit down and evaluate what you are bringing in and what you are spending.

Credit Counseling Before Bankruptcy

Even if you must file bankruptcy to get rid of debt, avoid foreclosure, or stop a garnishment, the counseling session will help you with your fresh financial start after your bankruptcy case is closed. If you have questions about credit counseling or bankruptcy and need to talk to an Atlanta bankruptcy attorney, please call the Law Offices of Charles Clapp at 404.585.0040.


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