Receiving the legal counsel of a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney increases your chance of a successful case 100-fold. Are you confident in filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Georgia successfully without the help of a lawyer? Think again before you represent yourself in bankruptcy court without an attorney (pro se).

Chapter 13 bankruptcy allows individual debtors to keep their property, such as saving their home from foreclosure. Debt payments over time are made usually in three to five years. Let’s examine why a bankruptcy attorney is so crucial in the process when you file Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Georgia. Plus, you’ll understand why the success rate of pro se chapter 13 filings is so low.

Georgia Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

What is difficult about filing for chapter 13 bankruptcy?

  • Filing for chapter 13 requires years of motivation from a debtor to create a repayment plan for themself. It can be extremely challenging to pay off debt without the support of a skilled bankruptcy expert by your side.
  • Are you well-versed in the bankruptcy code and other provisions? A chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney can go through the code with you in Layman’s terms.
  • Only about 1 out of 45 pro se chapter 13 bankruptcy cases ended in a complete bankruptcy plan.
  • Which bankruptcy chapter (7, 11, or 13) is the right one for you? Work with a bankruptcy attorney to file correctly and not miss deadlines. If the bankruptcy process is not followed, your case can be denied.
  • A chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney looks at your income and expenses (mortgage payments, credit card, and disposable income usage). This is to save your home from foreclosing or repossession of your vehicle.
  • Is there a chance you will file a hardship discharge due to student loans or medical bills? This can only be done correctly with the legal guidance of a chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer.

Why hire a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney?

American Bankruptcy Institute (ABI) has concluded that the success rate of filing bankruptcy Chapter 13 pro se is zero.

Compare hiring a bankruptcy attorney for filing bankruptcy to hiring a CPA for filing taxes. You may think you understand the process, but there are always changes and loopholes you might miss. It is always best to get professional support. You may finally get the hang of filing your taxes yourself after many years, but this is not the case with filing bankruptcy. The bankruptcy process is complex and can be emotionally straining.

Bankruptcy Attorney Near Me

Do you feel overwhelmed by creditors and unsecured debts? Do you live in Georgia and are looking to file chapter 13? Obtain experienced legal representation from a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney at CMC Law in Atlanta and get debt relief now.

Charles M. Clapp will work with you to file your bankruptcy case, represent you in court, and create a debt repayment plan. He will also offer you valuable information on top-notch credit counseling (if needed).

Contact CMC Law for a free consultation where you can learn the special advantages of filing, eligibility requirements, and proceedings. Don’t suffer silently and file bankruptcy without the legal help of Charles M. Clapp. Helping Georgians get out of debt is his craft.