It is common for someone struggling with debt to avoid hiring a Chapter 13 attorney, for fear of accumulating more debt. Although, when a debtor becomes so overwhelmed with debt, filing bankruptcy is almost always the best option.

Under the United States bankruptcy code, Chapter 13 bankruptcy affords individuals with regular income a debt management repayment plan. Chapter 13 is also known as a wage earner’s bankruptcy. This is given so that debtors can keep their property and pay off their debts over time, usually three to five years.

Undoubtedly, bankruptcy attorneys make the process go much more smoothly and offer invaluable legal advice for future financial success. Let’s examine all the benefits of hiring a Chapter 13 attorney when you file for bankruptcy in Georgia.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

Understanding the U.S. bankruptcy code

Do you know every detail of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy code, such as eligibility requirements, special provisions, and deadlines? A chapter 13 attorney’s craft is bankruptcy law. You can be sure that all required documentation will be turned in on time with the help of a bankruptcy lawyer. In fact, a lawyer will fill out all required forms for you, complete any notarization, and collect evidence.

Legal representation in bankruptcy court

Representing yourself is possible, but nothing beats having a legal expert to fight your bankruptcy case for you. The use of legal jargon alone is a huge advantage. Plus, someone in debt does not have the time to spend preparing their case. Bankruptcy attorneys are seasoned in negotiating with creditors, child support representatives, property owners, and more.

Debt plan payments scheduled and accounted for

A Chapter 13 attorney will set up a debt repayment plan for a debtor and make sure this person sticks to it. Anyone in debt should have legal assistance to pay off their dues to get back on the right track. Doing this alone can be a huge burden. Moreover, an attorney assists in finding debtors credit counseling for future financial success and/or an accountant for tax return support. Essentially, an attorney can act as a debtor’s trustee to make sure mortgage payments and other assets are paid on time.

Chapter 13 Hardship Discharge

Many debtors filing under Chapter 13 can later qualify for a hardship discharge. Although, this specific part of a chapter 13 filing has recently changed and is very intricate. The hardship discharge is filed when a debtor cannot stick to his/her debt repayment plan. A chapter 13 attorney is necessary for successful representation during a hardship discharge.

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