The bankruptcy courts in Georgia can be very overwhelming, especially if you are filing for bankruptcy and feel embarrassed or ashamed. If you are filing for bankruptcy in the northern district of Georgia, here are answers to common questions from an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

Bankruptcy Courts in Georgia Common Questions

Where do I go to court when I file for bankruptcy in northern Georgia?

The Atlanta Division of Bankruptcy Courts in Georgia serves certain counties.

What does the bankruptcy clerk’s office do?

The bankruptcy clerk’s office is the keeper of court records and provides services to bankruptcy judges, attorneys, and the public. Bankruptcy clerical staff support the court administratively through various tasks, but CANNOT provide legal advice. Below are the duties of bankruptcy clerical staff.

  • File and maintain case-related papers
  • Issue processes and writs
  • Sign ministerial orders
  • Collect authorized fees
  • Send notices
  • Enter judgments and orders
  • Settle hearings
  • Respond to requests for information
  • Make copies of papers in bankruptcy court files

How do I file a document with the bankruptcy courts in Georgia?

All documents may be hand-filed with the court or by mailing the document to the clerk’s Office of the division where the case was filed.

How do I change or correct information in the petition, schedules, and statements that I already filed with the clerk’s office?

You can file the amended, corrected document with the court, but there is a fee for each amendment.

Can bankruptcy court staff give legal advice?

No, because a bankruptcy case is a legal proceeding. A judge’s staff and the clerk’s office staff are not legally licensed to engage in law practice or provide ANY legal advice. The most important thing to do is work with an experienced bankruptcy lawyer.

What are the local bankruptcy rules for northern Georgia? Where can I get a copy of them?

You can find or request the U.S. bankruptcy rules at the clerk’s office public intake counters, public libraries, and bookstores. Local rules can be found on the Northern District of Georgia Court’s website.

More Answers to Common Bankruptcy Court Questions

How can I get information about a bankruptcy case?

You can also obtain information about almost any bankruptcy case at the clerk’s office, where generally, all documents are filed and are public record. Some specific documents are sealed by a special court order and are not allowed for the public to view. Go to the intake area in the bankruptcy clerk’s office for information and requests to examine dockets, case files, exhibits, and other records. You can also inquire online or by phone.

Where can I get more information about bankruptcy and bankruptcy procedures?

There are several free resources about bankruptcy, bankruptcy procedures, bankruptcy code, and local laws for your state. For example, Bankruptcy Basics is a booklet published by the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts and is available for viewing online. However, for the best custom legal advice and overall legal guidance specific to your financial situation, work with a bankruptcy lawyer. A bankruptcy attorney will make sure you are doing everything right, know what bankruptcy chapter you should file under, and be your biggest ally.

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